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Spring 2018 “High Fidelity” Series



It was the summer of 2015 in Red Deer, AB, after an early morning session; Jonny & Mike called themselves the Old Balls Skateboard Club. Dave, who was visiting from BC, suggested we make some t-shirts. The three of us got a hold of Paul, in Ontario, and we all threw $100 in, to produce our first run of tees. Those tees disappeared fairly quickly, we were ready for the next batch of products…


Ultimately, our goal was to make and sell enough product so that we didn’t have to buy anything anymore. We quickly realized two things. 1. We can only sell so much stuff to our friends. 2. We always wanted new stuff.

Our mission hasn’t changed. Provide quality products that we use regularly, and be proud of the goods that we supply to others.


We run into more and more skaters who are still skating in their 30’s, 40’s, 50’s etc., getting back into it after an extended break, or taking it up because it’s so damned fun. One common denominator is that as we age, we find it more and more difficult to relate to the brands of today that are typically targeting kids half our age. We want our peers to get stoked on our products, just like they did when they got their first board, however long ago that was.



The youngest of the gang, Jonny hangs his hat in Central Alberta. When he’s not tearing up the deep-end at Glendale, you can find him chest deep in some kind of heavy equipment.



Born and raised in southern Ontario, if he could, Paul would live in an apartment under a vert ramp. When he’s not perfecting his maneuvers at the skatepark, he’s installing custom stairs & railings in your house.



Dave’s our resident street rat, he finds comfort around ledges and flat-banks. You’ll find him ripping around the Kootenay backwoods on his skate, snowboard, skis or mountain bike.



The elder statesman of the crew, Mike prefers anything with a transition. The foot of  Muskoka is home for him where he’s building and renovating homes.


As the old cliche goes, if we would wouldn’t ride/wear it, we won’t make it. Everything we do is limited edition, we wouldn’t have it any other way. We have a growing group of core retailers that we can’t thank enough for supporting what we’re doing.