Old Balls Skateboard Co. | A New Vert Ramp Coming to Edmonton, Alberta
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A New Vert Ramp Coming to Edmonton, Alberta

A New Vert Ramp Coming to Edmonton, Alberta

Compared to when we were in our teens, there are no shortage of skateparks these days. Some better than others, but for the most part, kids these days have it pretty good. Sadly, many of us live in a northern climate. So when the temperature drops below 10 degrees outside, our old bones just can’t take it like they used to…not to mention, the cold typically brings the snow too.

 So when we caught rumblings this fall of an indoor park that might be opening in Edmonton, we were certainly a little excited. About a month after hearing the news, a friend sent some plans to us to check out. It looked pretty cool, a 4′ mini with a spine, a small street section, and a few quarter pipes. Pretty sweet…but how awesome would it be if there was a vert ramp too?

Fast forward a few weeks and sure enough, there were plans in the works to build an 11’x32′ vert ramp! We’ve been following along with the construction with bated breath and hope to get on this thing sometime in the new year…stay tuned.

pics courtesy of Glenn Miller

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