Old Balls Skateboard Co. | Old Man Jam Contest at Ride n Play
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Old Man Jam Contest at Ride n Play

Old Man Jam Contest at Ride n Play

It was late February, 2016, during a vert session at Ride n Play skatepark in Edmonton. Jonny and myself had kicked around the idea of having a contest for old dudes. We really wanted to connect more with the Edmonton skate community, as well as promote our new company and have a awesome day.

In order to pull off the contest, we’d need a team to not only help out day of, but help spread the word, solicit prizing and sponsors, and help secure all the judges, emcee, etc., etc. We spoke with our buddy Caleb from Four Wheel Co first. We thought it a perfect fit to work with another local company. He was in and suggested we talk to Chad Schultz next. Chad knew everybody and would turn out to be a key ingredient in the success of the event.

Next we needed a date, a plan of attack, and a name. We tossed a few ideas around for a suitable name but I made the final decision to call it the Old Man Jam…which i thought was pretty clever. Turns out, so do dozens of other people. Even though we had a badly overused name, we all got to work approaching sponsors, prizing, and a supporting cast for the day of the event.

April 9th arrived and we were all nervously setting up for the big day. Without pre-sales, we have no idea how many people would show up. We had done all of our leg work, music was blasting, we had a podcast The Awesome Hour broadcasting live, and we had prizing for two age categories for men and a women’s in street and vert.

At the end of the day, our first foray into contest hosting was a complete success. We were witness to some amazing skating, and from all accounts, everybody had a blast. We can’t wait until the next one!

Big thanks to Caleb, Chad, Four Wheel Co our co-sponsor/promoter, all the judges and volunteers, the skaters and to all the sponsors who donated the amazing prizing!

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all photos courtesy of @Pagliarubo

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