Old Balls Skateboard Co. | The First Batch of Sample Decks Arrive
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The First Batch of Sample Decks Arrive

The First Batch of Sample Decks Arrive

Is it only us or does every skater what to own their own company at some point? We started Old Balls Skateboard Co. because we were finding it harder and harder to relate to some of the new brands that are out there. Let’s be honest, skating is typically viewed as a young man’s sport. But just because we’re not dropping that 12 set, or grinding that double kink, doesn’t mean we can’t enjoy ourselves.

Skateboarders come in all shapes and sizes. And the more we get out to new spots, the more skaters we run into that are similar to us…a little bit older than the rest. So we wanted to create a brand that guys and girls like us could call their own. Something that they could wear that their 16 year old probably isn’t wearing! Don’t get us wrong, we’d be stoked if 16 year olds purchased our gear, but they certainly aren’t our target market.

We broke into the business with a small run of t-shirts, then we added some hoodies and toques. After 3 months of only producing clothing, we finally took the eagerly anticipated step of getting some decks in. We’ve just received our first order of samples in comprised of 5 different shapes. All of our decks are made in Canada with Canadian hard rock maple. Look for them this spring at your favourite retailer!

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